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Mente Art Gallery is dedicated to decorative artwork creation and delivery. Here, we use art to add value to the walls and floors and make the surface, reflects the spirit and the taste of your home and office. This is our philosophy at Mente to have a wide (360 degrees) insight over all cultures, lifestyles, tastes and artistic issues. Having a universal look with dynamic creativity, our team provides artwork which spreads out like a fluid foam to fill every corner of the space.
Our creative ideas are sometimes as heavy and deep as the civilizations of some thousand years while at other times we inspire the quick, light, growing and norm- breaking masterpieces of the third millennium.
We live in a world where creativity disappears boundaries and limitations, and so we always like to stay on the sharp edge of it. Some of our works, decorates your life with the light style, elegance, symmetry, balance and humility of Eastern art. Some others, will tell you about Greek epic stories, ancient myths and famous heroes. We create a piece which elevates the vibe. Some, are about thought and complexity... others only show reality. Culture and ethnicity are the
sources of inspiration in creation of our works in a rich lifestyle.

Here at «Mente», you can find works which are strongly influenced by the free spirit of Bedouin living beside the art that is found in European neo-classicism.
The world of «Mente» is constantly growing up and we feel proud for the reason of this growth: «diversity»
All the artworks at «Mente» are handmade. Some of them are created through conventional methods and by common materials and some are not. We use a variety of materials, paints, metals, leather, wood, different bulking agents and even fire to create unlimited number of effects. Some of our works shine in any place and share their inner art and spirit with the environment and people. Some others, like a black hole, attract all the attention to themselves and create a stream of inhaling and exhaling in the atmosphere. We create works which take the viewer away to show them the splendor and grandeur of the space. Meanwhile, we have works that invite audience closer for a romantic whisper.
So, in «Mente» we have a style of work for every taste and atmosphere which is both seductive and has secrets to reveal.

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