6,900 AED

Dimensions 120 × 150 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This piece is an abstract painting that exudes a sense of fluidity and dynamism. The artwork is set against a pristine white background, encased in a sleek black frame. It boasts a vibrant mix of colors, including shades of blue, orange, and yellow, which intermingle in an organic composition. The visible brushstrokes and textured surface add to the painting’s tactile appeal. The lines and shapes within the painting flow and blend into one another, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality. Some areas appear to recede into the background while others seem to come forward, adding to the painting’s intrigue. This artwork would make a stunning addition to any online store, appealing to customers who appreciate abstract art and are looking to add a touch of color and creativity to their space.