5,900 AED

Dimensions 100 × 70 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This is an abstract painting that captures a figure in front of a black rectangle on a vibrant orange background. The figure, depicted as a white silhouette, appears to be a person wearing a hat, their body twisted in an unusual, dynamic pose. The figure stands on one leg, with the other bent at the knee and pointing upwards, and their arms are stretched out to the sides. Their head is tilted upwards, as if gazing at the towering black rectangle above them.

The black rectangle, positioned in the top center of the painting, stands taller than the figure, creating a sense of scale and perspective. The solid orange background provides a stark contrast to both the figure and the rectangle, enhancing their visual impact. The painting exudes a surreal and dreamlike mood, inviting viewers to delve into their imagination and interpret the story behind it. This piece would make a striking addition to any art collection or living space, particularly for those who appreciate abstract art and bold colors.