17,000 AED

Dimensions 200 × 120 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This is a captivating abstract painting that beautifully captures the essence of a rainy night. The artwork is predominantly blue and black, with streaks of white and gold that add depth and dimension.

The painting is divided into two parts, creating a stunning contrast. The top half depicts a dark blue-black sky, with streaks of white and gold rain falling down. It’s as if you can hear the soft patter of the rain against the window.

The bottom half portrays a dark blue-black sea, with white and gold ripples that reflect the falling rain. The textured surface of the painting enhances the overall impressionistic style, making you feel as if you’re standing at the edge of the sea, watching the rain fall.

This handmade painting is more than just an artwork; it’s an experience. It would make a striking addition to any home or office, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.