Eilat. 2

6,900 AED9,900 AED

Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

Gold Leaf, Relief, Vitray


70×100, 80×120, 100×150

This is a striking handmade painting that depicts a traditional rug or tapestry. The artwork is rendered in warm colors, giving it a vintage feel. The background of the painting is a soothing greenish-blue color, which contrasts beautifully with the rug or tapestry. The rug or tapestry itself features a geometric pattern with diamonds and crosses, and is colored in shades of red, black, and beige. A zigzag pattern borders the rug or tapestry, adding an extra layer of detail. Framed in gold, this painting exudes a sense of history and tradition. It would make a wonderful addition to any space seeking to convey a sense of warmth and heritage.