14,500 AED

Dimensions 130 × 200 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This exquisite handmade painting captures the elegance and fluidity of a dance in motion. The artwork features two dancers, gracefully intertwined, showcasing the beauty of their attire and the dynamic energy of their movement. The woman is adorned in a flowing light-colored dress that cascades beautifully, capturing the essence of motion. The male dancer is depicted in formal attire, complementing his partner’s elegance. The painting portrays two dancers mid-dance. Both are dressed elegantly; the woman in a flowing light-colored dress and the man in formal black-and-white attire. Their arms are extended, hands clasped together, emphasizing the dynamics of their dance. The brush strokes are expressive and fluid, conveying movement and energy. A neutral background accentuates the dancers, making them the focal point of this artwork. The color palette is soft yet contrasting enough to highlight details like the folds of the dress.