10,500 AED

Dimensions 100 × 180 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This is a striking painting of a red planet and a golden ring on a dark background that will add some drama and mystery to your space. The image depicts a red planet in the center of the image that appears to be exploding or disintegrating, creating a contrast and a tension with the dark and textured background. The golden ring is on the left side of the image and is incomplete, with a gap on the right side, suggesting a broken or unfinished connection. The background has a greenish hue, which adds some color and depth to the image. The overall mood of the image is ominous or foreboding, as the image implies a cataclysmic event or a lost civilization. This image is perfect for anyone who loves sci-fi or fantasy, and wants to add some intrigue and excitement to their space.