7,500 AED

120X80 (Each)

Dimensions 120 × 160 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This exquisite handmade painting captures the serene beauty of nature. The artwork features delicate branches of blooming white flowers against a soft beige background. Birds, both perched and in flight, add a dynamic element, bringing the scene to life. The painting is divided into two panels, each showcasing intricate details. The delicate branches with blooming white flowers are the central focus, spreading across both panels. There are four birds depicted; two perched on branches and two in flight, adding a lively touch to the tranquil scene. Two small insects can be seen near the top of the left panel, further adding to the natural theme. The soft beige background enhances the visual appeal of the white blooms and brown branches. The artwork exudes a calm and peaceful ambiance, making it ideal for spaces meant for relaxation or reflection. This painting would be a perfect addition to any art collection or as a standalone piece in a home or office. Enjoy the tranquility and natural elegance of this magnificent artwork.