10,900 AED

Dimensions 200 × 80 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This artwork is a handmade oil painting on canvas that beautifully captures the dynamic energy of five white horses in profile, all facing the same direction. The horses, adorned with bridles and with their mouths open, appear as if they are in mid-gallop, adding a sense of movement to the piece. The background is a solid, warm brown color, providing a subtle contrast that allows the horses to stand out. The painting is done in a realistic style, with detailed brushstrokes and shading that bring the scene to life. The horses are arranged in a line, with their heads overlapping slightly. This arrangement adds depth to the painting and draws the viewer’s eye across the canvas.

This painting would make an excellent addition to any art collection or as a statement piece in a home or office. Its unique design and attention to detail make it a captivating piece that is sure to draw admiration from all who see it. Please note that each piece may have slight variations due to its handmade nature, adding to its unique charm.