Scarlet series a.1

950 AED

Dimensions 40 × 50 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

Oil Color

This is a captivating handmade painting that showcases the beauty of dance. The artwork is rendered in a loose, expressive style, capturing the fluid motion of a dancer. The dancer, with their arms and legs extended, seems to be in the midst of a passionate performance. The warm color palette enhances the overall aesthetic of the piece. The background is a solid gold color, adorned with splatters of black paint, adding depth and intrigue to the composition. The painting is framed in a simple black frame, allowing the vibrant colors and dynamic movement within the painting to take center stage. This artwork would make a stunning addition to any collection or space. Please note that the face of the dancer is intentionally left abstract to emphasize the universality of dance. Enjoy this beautiful expression of art and movement!