Setting .5

12,500 AED

Dimensions 150 × 100 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This photorealistic painting captures the elegance and beauty of a woman adorned in a traditional Japanese kimono. The woman is standing with her back to the camera, adding a sense of mystery and intrigue to the piece. The kimono is white with a red and orange floral pattern, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and artistry of traditional Japanese attire. The woman’s hair is styled in a bun, adorned with a red ribbon, adding a touch of sophistication. The backdrop features a wall with a floral pattern that mirrors the design on the kimono, creating a harmonious composition. This painting is more than just a decor item; it’s a celebration of cultural beauty and tradition. Its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail make it an ideal choice for art lovers and collectors alike.