12,500 AED

Dimensions 140 × 140 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This is a lovely and realistic handmade painting that depicts the elegance and nobility of a black horse. The painting shows a black horse’s head in profile, with a bridle and a silver bit and reins. The horse’s eye is visible and appears to be looking off to the side, as if it is aware of its surroundings. The background is a light pinkish-grey color with a textured appearance, creating a soft and subtle contrast with the horse’s dark coat. The painting is done in a realistic style with attention to detail in the horse’s features and tack, demonstrating the artist’s skill and passion. The painting is suitable for anyone who loves horses and appreciates their beauty and grace. The painting is also a great gift for someone who enjoys equestrian sports or has a connection with horses.