Fog horse

5,900 AED

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 5 cm
Brand Mente Art Gallery
Color Theme

This is a handmade painting that masterfully captures the serene beauty of a white horse. The horse, depicted in profile, wears a black bridle with silver accents, adding a touch of elegance to the image. The artist’s attention to detail is evident in the realistic portrayal of the horse’s flowing mane and peaceful, closed eyes. The background is a soft, blurred brown with white flowers, giving the painting a dreamlike quality. This tranquil setting enhances the peaceful expression of the horse, making it appear as if it’s in a state of bliss.

This painting is not just a piece of art; it’s a testament to the artist’s skill and passion for capturing the beauty of nature. Its photo-realistic style and soothing colors make it a captivating centerpiece that would enhance any room.